Please note that this store is for our classic 3.5.1 servers ONLY 
 If you are playing PokeMiner 5, please use this store 


Welcome to the PokeMiner server shop, where you can purchase any type of Pokemon that you desire, as well as a range of ranks, items and upgrades to help you.

Purchases help support the continuation and expansion of the server.

Thank you in advance for being a valued part of PokeMiner, you guys are cruical to the server's success.


News & Updates

Mar 2016:

Unban: Added unbans, for those who are truly sorry.

Jan 2016:

All Starter Pokemon: All 15 starter Pokemon as either normal or SHINY.

Nov 2015:

PokeCrates: Try your luck with random Pokemon (including Legendaries) for a low, low price.